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Jen Starts Over and Grows Into Herself

[ 7 ] July 2, 2011 |

This article salutes my new friend, Jen, for being bold and brave during her midlife transformation. Bravo, Jen.

Today I had a fabulous vegetarian lunch with a fascinating woman named Jen who is moving to Kansas City from a small town in Florida. She’s in her 30s and going through a transformation for the good. She gave up drinking, meat, stagnant men, and a job that didn’t register with her soul.

Her in-progress transformation was probably what drew me to her. I’m on the same path. I could hardly give her a breath to eat as I asked questions about her journey and watched her glow as she shared how her world was opening up to her.


Are you playing big or small in your life and during your transformation?

She told me she was tired of settling and living small. And despite family members nay-saying her, she broke free, out of the shackles of her old self, to create a new self who is alive, healed, and open to a larger world filled with curried-tofu dinners and finely-tuned chakras, rather than toxic people or bad behaviors that kept her in a smaller version of herself than she was born to be.

Unlike Lady Gaga whose new album is titled Born This Way, most of us never climb into the nine-inch platform shoes we were destined to wear. We’re brainwashed to believe we should stay in our flip-flops — probably because you can’t travel very far in them before you blow one out, as Jimmy Buffett attested.

What kind of courage does it take to give up a behavior when it’s more comfortable to you than your favorite flip-flops? The kind of courage it would have taken Carrie Bradshaw to donate her 500 pair of Manolo Blahniks to Goodwill.

What part of your life are you clinging to that’s small, stale, or making you settle? Why not replace it with something large, lush, expansive, healthy, and that truly fits into the bigger picture of your life and transformation? Need a boost? Read my RemountingEBOOKcrt ebook for guidance.

Quit being a Tom Thumb. Goliaths have more fun.

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  1. tim poholsky says:

    It’s been my experience that miracles in life always seem to shine the brightest during those times when I’m walking the path of uncertainty. I use the term ‘miracle’ loosely. For me it can be an unexpected call from a friend, the appearance of a wonderful teacher or a show of support from a complete stranger. Knowing this has made the prospect of going through challenging periods much easier. Over the years, I’ve come to believe Divine Spirit will show me I am still loved and cared for by placing a new stepping stone in just the right spot, exactly when I most need it. When that happens and I recognize its significance to the journey I’m on, it oftentimes gives me just the shot of exhilaration I need to keep on going.

  2. Tony Berkman says:

    Love this post. Right on!

  3. Whitney Abo says:

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  4. renren876 says:

    Wonderful work. My spouse and i totally concur with you.

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