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20 Foolish Things Worth Repeating

[ 4 ] April 1, 2012 |

Happy April Fool’s Day. This April’s Fools  I’m posting rather than pranking. Let me know if you ever did anything on this list and if you would or wouldn’t do it again.

april fool

  1. Jump in a pool fully clothed.
  2. Cry at a happy movie.
  3. Miss your morning t-time or yoga class for another pulse elevating activity.
  4. Go commando for the day.
  5. Walk on the grass that is marked, Stay Off Grass.
  6. Talk to strangers.
  7. Vacation solo.
  8. Look people in the eye on the subway.
  9. Have cake, pizza, French fries or all three for breakfast.
  10. Return an item you’ve worn.
  11. Fall for the wrong person.
  12. Pull an all nighter.
  13. Pull an all dayer.
  14. Cut your hair off.
  15. Color your hair red.
  16. Extend your vacation.
  17. Make love on your parent’s couch while they’re home.
  18. Dance with both the youngest and oldest person in the room.
  19. Lick the beaters.
  20. Ask him or her out without attachment to the outcome.



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  1. Ray Brady says:

    Sixteen out of Twenty not bad cousin. Love reading your stuff. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. You do look like Meg.

  2. Tim P says:

    First college class ever. KU. Been on campus a week and the new-found freedom is a bit overwhelming. Dorm assignments, new friends, old friends, what classes to take, best bars, declare a major, etc. So got it all figured out and arrive to my first ‘big boy’ class – 8am, more than a little scared and still slightly hungover(!) CHEM101. Excited… I’m starting my science career! So… the teacher starts talking. Very quickly apparent, what in the world is he talking about (!?) I was prepared for a step up in the intellectual regimen of things from high school, but this material is waaaaay beyond anything I can possibly comprehend! OMG… is this what all my classes are going to be like!? As I contemplate this horrendous possibility, I take my first real gander around the room to see if anyone else is as lost as I am. Nope, most everyone else is nodding in agreement and some are even holding up their hands to answer the questions being posed!? Oh good lord, I’m thinking – I thought I was pretty smart! Which is when I start to realize, hmmmm… everyone in hear seems to be a bit older than me, wonder why that is!? Well, it’s that way because I soon find out from a student sitting next to me that I was in like a 800 level class… I’d come to the wrong room and class!!! Even worse, it was something like a 3 hour lecture and I was frozen to my seat like a warm tongue to a frozen pole. No way was I going to get up and walk out of the class. Foolish? Yes, definitely. But out of the experience, I learned my very first college lesson – before you embark on a specific destination, double check your itinerary. That simple step can save a ton of time and frustration!

    • I wish I could have seen your face. Too funny and more funny that you stayed. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of when I went to Unity service but ended up in a Buddha meditation and I too sat there for 1 hour absolutely miserable in the the stillness and silence.

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