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Storybook Moments Happen When You Need Them Most

[ 2 ] February 14, 2013 |

 When things look hopeless, there is something unfolding in your life
even you can’t imagine. Don’t lose faith.

Last November, after applying and interviewing for nearly 14 months straight, I had had it.  At 50, I had heard “you’re over qualified,”  “you’ll get bored,” “you’ll leave when the economy improves,” and “we’ve decided to go in another direction” (which really meant with someone half my age and half my salary requirements).

breakthroughs, midlife crisis, starting over, midlife transitions, finding work over 50

My best friend told me to back away from my search and take a breath. After all, I still had two great clients to serve (and bill), despite the fact I was making half and what I needed to pay my two mortgages, car repairs and get the health insurance I needed being a menopausal woman with hormone deficiencies and a person with life threatening allergies to boot.

Then the call came. The people putting together a new show called The Job wanted to interview me to be on the show where I could land my dream job and go from the crab apple to the big apple. They found me through my blog and were intrigued by the potential of having a midlife woman with the right stuff compete with the four millennials for a position at Cosmo.

Holy Helen Gurley Brown.

 Never forget that everything is happening as it should and you are exactly where you need to be right now in your life. Don’t look back. Look forward. I guarantee that the Universe will deliver your opportunity on a silver plate. You just have to have the courage to reach for it.

Thank you Universe for moving me to the head of the line among the 10,000 applicants who usually apply to work on the 38th floor of Hearst Tower at the mothership of women’s magazines, Cosmo.

breakthroughs, midlife crisis, starting over, midlife transitions, finding work over 50

Brenda Clevenger, Rachele Trainor and Carlos Bel take on their first elimination assignment from Cosmo Magazine on The Job.

If you are going through an off time in your life – be it career, relationship, health, or NOT feeling like the trailblazer you once were, stick around for inspiration, community support and ebooks to get your groove back.

Do you have challenges? Share them in comments below and let’s find some overlooked or yet thought of solutions. Together we can  blow the skirt up on your world starting this year.

Your phone call is coming.

“Everything happens for a reason. Every action has a reaction. Always remember that whats meant to be will always find a way to come about.”

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  1. Isi says:

    Hi Brenda, I love your blog and found it at a perfect time of my life. I guess I’m somewhere in midlife (although that phrase always fills me with dread conjuring up images of frumpy and grumpy) and I’m also in the middle of a career change. I had to pack in my biz as a Professional Organiser last year and thought I’d go back into employment which didn’t work out. So, now I’m starting a new venture setting up a marketing services biz for small businesses with the aim of concentrating on authors and small publishers long term. Partly inspired by your blog I must add, I decided it’s definitely not too late to start again. Thanks for your continued encouragement for our generation. :)

    • Thanks for sharing your journey through it sounds like you’ve had to try different roads to get to where you’re meant to be.

      I know seeking “employment” when you’re a baby boomer is a tough road for sure. One filled with LOTS of rejection and excuses. But thank God for our will and spirit and for way America embraces entrepreneurialism. Starting our own business is so fulfilling and no one can stop us from our own success and vision. Wishing you all the success and profits you so deserve.

      I love your idea of helping authors and small publishers. There are so many authors and speakers now and God knows they need marketing help and help setting up their media tours and PR. Check out Anna Weber’s Linked In profile in the Phoenix area if you can. You can perhaps get some ideas how to market yourself since she is doing the same thing and seems to have 13 years of success under her belt.

      Let me know if you can’t find her by sending me a personal email to and I’ll send you a PDF attachment of her bio.

      Keep us posted on your progress and successes! Hugs to you. Stay after it.

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