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Category: Career & Money

Learn Skills To Pay the Bills

[ 0 ] January 23, 2014

I think every woman should have and maintain skills to pay the bills. I don’t care if she’s a Jewish Princess, Welfare Wilma or Retired Rita, she should have marketable skills to pay the bills, raise the kids or travel the world (or, better yet, all of the above).   Having skills to pay the […]

Did You Make Good Bank in 2013?

[ 0 ] December 29, 2013

This year absolutely rocked. It was a very great year for my career and love life after a long dry spell on both counts. To help you reflect on your 2013 milestones, I recorded this 50-second video in a bank vault because the year of the snake has historically brought financial milestones to many women […]

The 4 Magically Words Guaranteed to Mend Your Life

[ 2 ] November 15, 2013

Just three years ago my life was in shambles. A midlife crisis swept in like a Level 5 tornado and spit my love life, career, and most important relationships into a faraway ditch. My self-inflicted tsunami was brought on by my fear of aging, never finding the one, attaining enlightenment and leaving some sort of […]


[ 0 ] September 17, 2013

If you’ve ever missed a turn while using GPS, you’ll hear this word until you get it right, “Recalculating.” While driving through Philadelphia, Pa., to Wayne and Atglen, I heard that word more than “please” from a child in a pet store. I’m geographically impaired, despite modern-day tools like Mapquest on my phone and a […]

Lean Harder than the Tower of Pisa

[ 0 ] August 1, 2013

“Sit at the table, unapologetically.” And don’t sit at the end or corners. Sit smack down in the middle and speak up loudly, confidently, and frequently. It will take all of us doing this to make the needle move. I wasn’t a Sheryl Sandberg fan prior to this July, nor had I read the book. […]

Smart-Ass Answers to Annoying Questions

[ 0 ] June 3, 2013

The only people who ask how old you are are the ones that think you look great or are concerned you’ve stopped breathing. So I’m supplying you with SmartAnswers. The only people who ask why you’re still single don’t really care why. They’re simply confused why you haven’t caved or they’re trying to vet you […]

Step into Your Age, but Shut Your Mouth

[ 2 ] May 27, 2013

When I turned 50, I openly told the world my age – my friends, strangers, dates and even employers, including announcing it to the staff at Cosmo who interviewed me on public TV for an editorial job last Feb. Full disclosure was my way of embracing my age authentically and enthusiastically. TMI – Too Much […]

Container Plants that Cost Pennies

[ 5 ] May 15, 2013

If you haven’t already rushed out and dropped a wad at a big box store buying annuals, herbs, and container plants, stop! I can save you cash buying grass that you won’t have to bust your a#$ planting. Really. Why should I care about your cash, grass or a#$? Because you can’t start over or […]

Tears for Fears

[ 2 ] May 9, 2013

On average, women cry 47 times a year and men cry 7 times a year.* I cried 47 buckets of tears Wednesday because a project I pitched didn’t get approved. I was counting on this income to pay for gas and groceries the second half of this year. Instead I’ll have to dry my eyes, […]

No Ifs, Ands or Butts

[ 0 ] May 6, 2013

Guest Post by Selen Razon Hoosier women lay down your cigarettes and lift some weights. The excuses many people — Hoosier women in particular — use to avoid exercise are seemingly endless: Children take all my free time, work leaves me exhausted, it’s not any fun anyway and I’d prefer to sit and watch television. […]