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Did You Make Good Bank in 2013?

[ 0 ] December 29, 2013

This year absolutely rocked. It was a very great year for my career and love life after a long dry spell on both counts. To help you reflect on your 2013 milestones, I recorded this 50-second video in a bank vault because the year of the snake has historically brought financial milestones to many women […]

8 Holiday Gift Ideas that Don’t Suck

[ 0 ] December 12, 2013

Before you stuff that Christmas sock, turn up the heat by giving something better than the equivalent of coal. Socks, ties, sweaters and underwear are practical, but oh so mundane. If you’re still exchanging gifts for the holidays, and no one says you have to, check out my suggestions below. In midlife it’s time to […]

Have Yourself an Empty Nester Christmas

[ 0 ] December 5, 2013

You’ve done you’re duty making Christmas all about the kids. Now that you’re an empty nester, your days fighting landmines of macaroni ornaments and dropping needles are over. Finally it’s your turn so move over Martha Stewart. You can create an awe-inspiring winter wonderland in your home this season without worry about something getting broken […]

Shhhhhhh, I Shop Resale

[ 0 ] December 4, 2013

I’m proud to say many of my most complimented wardrobe items come from consignment shops. And I’m even prouder to say that because I shop resale and consignment boutiques that both my closet and my savings account runneth over. Mining for clothing bargains helps me support my bigger monthly obligations like feeding my 401K and […]

I’m So Grateful for My Dark Shitty Past

[ 0 ] November 21, 2013

This Thanksgiving please join me in wallowing in my pathetic, mistake ridden past. Join me in walking down the darkest allies of the most painful pockets of your life – the ones that you can merely mention and still feel, smell and taste depression, despair and the disdain you felt from others.   Remember those […]

The 4 Magically Words Guaranteed to Mend Your Life

[ 2 ] November 15, 2013

Just three years ago my life was in shambles. A midlife crisis swept in like a Level 5 tornado and spit my love life, career, and most important relationships into a faraway ditch. My self-inflicted tsunami was brought on by my fear of aging, never finding the one, attaining enlightenment and leaving some sort of […]

I Want My Country Back

[ 0 ] November 7, 2013

Last night’s Country Music Awards floored me. I tuned into plunging necklines, see through skirts, pyrotechnics, men wearing stocking caps and wailing guitar riffs on the 2013 CMA awards. At first I thought I had the wrong channel. Was this metal, was this rock? No is was music by today’s mega talented, mega fit, mega […]

Checking Your Date’s Digital Package

[ 0 ] November 5, 2013

If you’re dating again, chances are you’re checking out his total package — phone, physique and savoir-faire.   According to a survey by, the leading online marketplace for used gadgets, both men and women take note of the phone their dates carry. The survey of 1,000 respondents reveals these surprising results. In a romantic […]

How to Find Your Life Partner

[ 0 ] October 28, 2013

If your feet are cold, bed empty and heart ready to be in a 100% reciprocal relationship, I believe you too can find or attract your love in six month or less just as I set the intention to back in June. Before I manifested my life partner, I pondered my twisted love path. Come […]

10 Dating Deal Breakers Men Make (Part III)

[ 2 ] October 22, 2013

Today in part three of my five-part series on the dating deal breakers men make, I tackle the subject of testicles and texters. In both instances the man is pushing the wrong buttons – either his TV remote’s or his phone’s – but not his date’s.   Rule #5:  He Puts His Balls Before His […]