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Tag: "dating"

Lost Souls

[ 0 ] April 28, 2014

I went to hear a terrific Irish band, Flannigan’s Right Hook, with a friend who swore I would love them. She was right with one exception. The crowd of lost souls circling like piranhas was incredibly distracting. The Brew Top was filled with families dining and singles from college kids to comb over boomers. Eighty […]

Valentine’s Day Truths & Consequences

[ 2 ] February 14, 2014

I just finished reading Loveology: God, Love Marriage, Sex. And the never-ending story of male and female. It was divine intervention that I had received a copy of this back-to-love-basics book by John Mark Comer, a groovy pastor and oracle of love in Portland. I had just ended a relationship that I thought would be […]

How to Vet a Man (Revised)

[ 0 ] February 9, 2014

If you’re in the dating scene and over 40, chances are you’re meeting men online. Online dating profiles are intended to spark interest and dates. Think of online profiles as marketing brochures without the Federal Communications Commission playing watchdog to monitor truth in advertising. Some men (and women) whitewash their marketing profiles. Mid-life women like […]

Checking Your Date’s Digital Package

[ 0 ] November 5, 2013

If you’re dating again, chances are you’re checking out his total package — phone, physique and savoir-faire.   According to a survey by, the leading online marketplace for used gadgets, both men and women take note of the phone their dates carry. The survey of 1,000 respondents reveals these surprising results. In a romantic […]

How to Find Your Life Partner

[ 0 ] October 28, 2013

If your feet are cold, bed empty and heart ready to be in a 100% reciprocal relationship, I believe you too can find or attract your love in six month or less just as I set the intention to back in June. Before I manifested my life partner, I pondered my twisted love path. Come […]

10 Dating Deal Breakers Men Make (Part III)

[ 2 ] October 22, 2013

Today in part three of my five-part series on the dating deal breakers men make, I tackle the subject of testicles and texters. In both instances the man is pushing the wrong buttons – either his TV remote’s or his phone’s – but not his date’s.   Rule #5:  He Puts His Balls Before His […]

10 Dating Deal Breakers Men Make (Part II)

[ 0 ] October 15, 2013

If you missed part one, deal breaker #1 was about the care and feeding of your woman. Women like to be wined and dined so don’t insult us by trying to use your last Entertainment Book coupon for Chuck E. Cheese on date night. Deal breaker #2 was about men trying to sell us on […]

10 Dating Deal Breakers Men Make (Part 1)

[ 0 ] September 30, 2013

This is a five-part series on mistakes men over 50 should not still be making. Seasoned women won’t tolerate these fatal errors in courtship etiquette. If you’re not dating, be grateful, and share it with someone who is dating in midlife. Rule #1: Neglecting to Feed Us The way to a woman’s heart is by serving […]

I Hope You Dance

[ 0 ] June 29, 2013

I hope you dance, but first I hope you decline dancing with the men (employers, people, environments, circumstances) that don’t deserve you. During my crystal clear reconstruction of my life over the past two years I’ve declined a lot of offers from men (employers, people, temptations of all kinds). I’ve been unwavering in my pursuit […]

Going Slow is Ultra Sexy

[ 1 ] May 28, 2013

I’m currently dating two men – one a tortoise and the other a hare. The hare is a triple-A personality who moves so fast and furious that I’ve had to put on the brakes. The tortoise is a gentleman moving so slow I thought he wasn’t that into me. That was until last week when […]