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Tag: "midlife crisis"

I’m So Grateful for My Dark Shitty Past

[ 0 ] November 21, 2013

This Thanksgiving please join me in wallowing in my pathetic, mistake ridden past. Join me in walking down the darkest allies of the most painful pockets of your life – the ones that you can merely mention and still feel, smell and taste depression, despair and the disdain you felt from others.   Remember those […]

The 4 Magically Words Guaranteed to Mend Your Life

[ 2 ] November 15, 2013

Just three years ago my life was in shambles. A midlife crisis swept in like a Level 5 tornado and spit my love life, career, and most important relationships into a faraway ditch. My self-inflicted tsunami was brought on by my fear of aging, never finding the one, attaining enlightenment and leaving some sort of […]

Ride, Sally, Ride, Just Not a Motorcycle

[ 2 ] September 8, 2013

Shame on Marlon Brando in the Wild One, Peter Fonda in Easy Rider and even Henry Winkler in Happy Days.  These men made motorcycles the pill to pop for a quick rush or juicy midlife crisis. Motorcycle movies and their star casts intoxicate us with their coolness, manly one liners and men in tight jeans […]

5 Brave Women Decide It’s Time to Move On

[ 0 ] September 13, 2012

Einstein said it best: The endless repetition of the same experiments, in the hope of obtaining a different result is insanity. If you’re a red-blooded woman, chances are you give everything your all: your work, your marriage, your children, your civic commitment, and the care of your compost pile. It’s 110% or to hell with […]

How to Get Unstuck After a Midlife Crisis

[ 0 ] August 2, 2012

Fess up.  More than once or perhaps right now, you’re sticking your head in the sand, pretending things are fine, resisting change, or shutting down to numb your feelings so you can endure what is causing you to stay stuck.  For now, it’s easier than the hassle of getting unstuck because that requires big scary […]

Which Movie Best Describes Your Marriage?

[ 0 ] July 1, 2012

If you’ve made it down the aisle once, are you living happily ever after with him or her? Did you marry a man who makes you giddy and as happy as Julia Child with her husband Paul? Or did you marry a loser that leaves you feeling trapped like Jennifer Aniston’s character in The Good […]

Tossing the Junk Drawer of Your Life and Putting Things Back Together Right

[ 1 ] June 21, 2012

Two years ago I tossed the junk drawer of my life by leaving a 14-year relationship, selling my business and moving to the country. In essence I completely wiped the slate clean, ran into the arms of another man, then wisely took a year off to contemplate my cyclical behavior, dissatisfaction and what my life […]

How to Manifest Your Life’s Dreams

[ 2 ] May 24, 2012

The most talented and creative and writer Deb Ritter shared this beautiful poem with me today. It’s just one tiny diamond from her upcoming book that you should pre-order. Check out Deb’s Facebook page here and website, Imagine Moving Free, here. It’s Only a Matter of Time   Envision your wishes and do your work […]

Loving Your Midlife Is All About Attitude

[ 0 ] May 21, 2012

” I absolutely love where I am in my life and I wouldn’t change it for any other age.” ~ Rita Wilson Get Your Free Reinvent Your Look eBook! I believe that you are experiencing the best time of your life right now. In my new eBook I will show you timeless beauty tips used […]

10 Must See Midlife Crisis Movies

[ 5 ] March 7, 2012

I’m OK, you’re OK. These 10 brilliant midlife crisis movies will remind you of that. Do you sometimes feel like driving away and not coming back? Chin up, tits out; it’s normal. Escapism is a popular thought if you’re burned out, laid off, unsatisfied, or fed up with your kids, your bills, your obligations, the […]