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Tag: "over 50"

Midlife Yogis Return With Shifted States of Mind

[ 1 ] January 18, 2012

  The midlife yogis are back. We stretched. We learned, We shifted. You can’t spend a week in the rainforest and not look at your life and the world differently. It’s a new year and if you want this year to be better than last year, make a shift. I left the rainforest knowing this […]

Retreat to Costa Rica for Enlightenment (Part II)

[ 2 ] January 12, 2012

We lost four midlife yogis this sixth day of our seven-day Costa Rica yoga retreat. Not to the Howler monkeys, jaguars, or heat, but Charles, Virginia, Carlos, and Molly had to return to their respective worlds and responsibilities. Seven of us remain steadfast in the rainforest still searching for our Dan-Tian, yogi’s edge (highest krama), […]

Late Bloomers Defy Age and Gravity

[ 2 ] November 8, 2011

Over 90 Women Trump Over 50 Women In the spirit of Amy’s I Believe I Can Fly post, and the Broadway Musical Wicked, let’s make a pack to Defy Gravity if we’re over 50. No, not the gravity of keeping our breasts pert or face taut, the gravity of keeping our dreams and attitudes at high […]